Meet Mark

Mark Stonecipher is a lifelong resident of Oklahoma City and believes that neighborhood associations are one of the most vital parts for a strong and successful Oklahoma City. Prior to his election, Mark was intricately involved in the life of this city by serving as President of two different neighborhood associations, serving on the Board of Adjustment and serving as a member of Mayor Cornett’s task force revising the OKC Charter, which is Oklahoma City’s governing document.

Mark currently serves as the Vice Mayor of Oklahoma City and has worked closely with Mayor Holt on some of the most important issues facing the city, including most recently the hiring of our new City Manager, Craig Freeman. Because of the strong and successful relationship between Mark and Mayor Holt, Mayor Holt has chosen to endorse Mark for re-election.

Since his election in 2015, Mark has worked non-stop to improve Ward 8 by dramatically increasing the number of resurfaced roads, building new soccer fields for our children and building a new 131-acre park. He has also obtained an additional $3.5 million for an expansion of our new senior wellness center and, as a member of city council, is overseeing the hiring of an additional 129 police officers and 57 firefighters to make our community safer. In addition to what roadwork has recently been completed, and the current work being performed, efforts are underway for an additional 52 miles in Ward 8.

Over the last four years, Mark has worked closely with our Mayors, Jim Couch, and city staff and department heads. As a result, Mark currently serves on the Water Utilities Trust, the Riverfront Redevelopment Authority, and the OKC Economic Development Committee, and he chairs the Annexation and De-annexation Committee and the Judiciary Committee. Recently, Mark gained approval for the construction of the 131-acre Lone Oak Park which will be located west of Hefner Parkway between NW 150th and NW 164th. He also gained city council approval for a $5 million renovation to the North OKC Soccer fields at Cameron Park.

In 2017, in conjunction with the Neighborhood Alliance, Mark conducted a leadership seminar at City Hall to help groom OKC’s future leaders. Mark also worked closely with neighborhood associations to improve our Ward 8 quality of life. Mark has authored and revised important city laws and policies, including strict ordinances to better protect our citizens from vicious stray animals, greater transparency in city government, and faster response times for permitting and inspector approvals.

Mark’s civic engagement has not been limited to supporting neighborhoods and the city.  His past and present civic and professional organizations include: City Care, Whiz Kids, OK Bar Association Board of Governors, University of Oklahoma College of Law Alumni Association and Oklahoma City University Alumni Association.

Mark is honored to be endorsed by Mayor David Holt, and Mark’s Steering Committee consists of former mayors Mick Cornett and Ron Norick, as well as noted civic leaders Tricia Everest, Rhonda Hooper and Tim McLaughlin.

A graduate of Heritage Hall high school, Mark received his undergraduate degree from Oklahoma City University and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Oklahoma.  He is an attorney with the Fellers Snider Law firm and practices in the areas of oil and gas, land use, environment, and business law.  Mark has been married to his wife, Debbie, for 36 years. They have lived in Ward 8 almost 30 years, and are members of Crossings Community Church.

Mark Stonecipher