Mark’s Priorities

Mark is a conservative who wants our local government to stay focused on its core functions: public safety and infrastructure. By doing these two things well, we can create an economic climate which encourages job growth and helps families. We do not grow our city just to grow our city – we grow our city so all of us can enjoy an improved quality of life.  Remember to check Mark Stonecipher on February 12th!

Mark Stonecipher’s goals for a next term include:

Keeping the promises made to voters by the city

  • Finishing the MAPs 3 projects on budget and of high quality
  • Fulfilling the commitments of the recent public safety and street initiative

Promoting Neighborhoods

  • Actively decreasing the number of vacant and abandoned buildings
  • Increasing neighborhood patrols by police
  • Investing in neighborhood infrastructure

Growing and Diversifying our Economy

  • Expanding quality education opportunities and training
  • Creating an environment where local small businesses can grow
  • Continuing to recruit high paying jobs like those in aerospace, manufacturing and information services

Collaborating and Working with Other Local Governments

  • Finding appropriate and innovative ways for our city to cooperate with our local school districts
  • Building on the relationship with county governments
  • Continuing to partner with neighboring communities

Focusing on Infrastructure

  • Securing access to a reliable, long-term water supply
  • Aggressively tackling potholes and problem intersections
  • Reducing commute times for families

Making City Government Even More Efficient

  • Maintaining AAA bond rating
  • Increasing funds held in emergency reserve
  • Continually evaluating cost-benefit of services